4 Reasons Why Shopify Is the Best Platform

When Selling Products Online

When starting your online selling journey, e-commerce platform selection is the hardest tackle. As you may know, your platform is the pivotal element of your online store. Any mistake you make in this step will cripple your business forever. Also, many online businesses topping the failed stores list messed on platform selection. As you kick off your journey, you need to be conscious to avoid joining this list. However, on consulting online business experts, they are scaring you away.

For you to excel when selling online, you need to learn terms like HTML, CSS, PHP and other coding phrases. To you this is Greek, you have never been in a coding class. The only knowledge you have is on how to operate basic computer programs. Also, your pocket is not stable. As such, hiring a coding expert is a challenge. You are feeling defeated and ready to give up. But before taking this step, here are some excellent news: Shopify! Why should you consider it as your platform for building an online store? Here are 4 reasons:

It is a SaaS platform

Indeed, you do not possess any coding knowledge. All you know is how to type and operate other basic computer programs. For this reason, you want a platform that requires basic computer knowledge. Shopify is a good idea for you. It is a SaaS platform. This means you get pre-coded and design features you need to launch your online store. Your work is to drag and drop without worrying about any designing or coding issues. Also, as a hosted platform, the provider has the role of updating the software and security features. Hence, there are no maintenance hassles or other challenges. As such, it is a reliable option for newbies in the online industry. And the perfect choice to start an online store with Shopify’s robust ecommerce platform.

Provides an array of powerful features

Provides an array of powerful features

For any business to be a success, you must have the right management tools. You need to manage your inventories and sales. Also, the effectiveness of your business decisions lies in the information you can obtain. For this reason, you need analysis tools. Shopify realizes these desires. As such, it provides you with an array of powerful features to ease the management of your online store. For instance, it has reliable reporting tools. These tools enable you to generate reports on the performance of a various aspect of your store. Also, it has a reliable multichannel feature. You can transform any meeting points into a selling channel through the Shopify buy button. Also, your customers do not struggle when purchasing products on your store. This platform offers them a shopping cart and easy check out process with numerous payment gateways. All these features enhance your profit generation.

Reliable customer support

Customer support is critical when selling online. Your online store is the doorway or medium for interacting with your prospects. Any issue affecting it means you will be out of business. Like other technical devices, there’s no guarantee that your store will have zero issues. At times, you will face technical issues and downtimes. When this happens, the rate of solving them matters. Any reliable e-commerce platform should offer immediate support to resolve the problem. Shopify is such a platform. It offers a worldwide customer support service 24/7. For example, it appears among the top online stores in the United Kingdom. Hence, you can reach them out at any moment, anywhere when you encounter a technical issue.

Pocket-friendly plans

When you start your online selling journey, the cost is a significant issue. For this reason, you want a pocket-friendly e-commerce platform where you can build your online store. Shopify understands your needs. As such, it has affordable plans to fit each entrepreneur’s category. They range from basic to enterprise level.